Welcome to Rosh Ideations. We value your time, so we have a visual presentation of who we are and what we can do for you

It all started amidst the society where art & creativity is not considered as a career option & spending time on creative things was considered a waste of time

A decision was made that one day we will follow a path where we make the World happier & productive by virtue of passion for art, design & creativity

In 2011, the journey started from a garage, to build an animation studio which will create content to entertain and educate people

Started with zero experience, we hustled our way to learn the right way of making the best designs and animations, with the support of our Clients and Mentors.

You must be thinking what do we exactly do?

We make video content in the form on 2D, 3D & motion graphics animation and visual effects which largely is useful for making cartoon films, business promotions, e-learning content, socialĀ  media content, film making and film post production.

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It’s been 8 years & counting, Our passionate team has won the hearts of Clients in being the part of their growth & happiness stories ranging from Start-up, Fortune 500 Companies & Government Organizations in India & Overseas.

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We were fortunate to be a part of Global Organizations like World Economic Forum & also got to meet and learn from Great Mentors and Leaders.

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By our experience, we learn’t that there are more people who are unable to pursue that passion for art & design. Also, there is a gap in the skills expected by the industry and what is taught in the curriculum. Mostly importantly, an outcome based approach is missing.

Presenting School of Passion, our training wing which is all set to revolutionize the way we look at Education, Career & Happiness. We connect the dots and create a win-win situation for everyone..

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We are destined to meet. Let’s chat and know each other better & explore opportunities of building great content together.

We may not be the one claiming that we are the best and we know what to do, but atleast by our hustle, we confidently have learn’t what NOT to do. With immense passion, we say that if it was so easy to understand who we are & what we do, you can be sure of the awesome work we will be able to do together.

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